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What’s new in Titan Gold hair removal machine

This November, B-Blowing has launched a new product, the Titan Gold hair removal machine. Although it has just appeared, it has already topped the table in terms of high-end. So what’s so hot about this machine that makes it so stormy? B-Blowing will answer for you. What is Titan Gold at-home hair removal machine? Titan […]

Hair removal and preventing dark underarms

Armpit hair is the culprit that makes many women feel itchy and uncomfortable. There are many hair removal methods available today. So, is it easy to cause dark underarms? Is there any way to prevent dark underarms? Which method of treatment causes dark underarms? As you know, there are many methods of hair removal nowadays. […]

Is it a good idea to wax your armpits

wax your armpits

The underarm hair is always the heartache of women. So you always want to remove the hair in that area. Among the current methods of hair removal, waxing is the most popular method. But is armpit wax good for hair removal? To know the exact answer, please read the article below. What is armpit wax? […]

Compare 3 current Titan hair removal machines


You may not know, B-Blowing has just launched a new product, the Titan Lotus hair removal machine. So what is the difference between the 3 current Titan hair removal machines? Let’s find out with B-Blowing. Titan Lotus Hair Removal Machine This is the newly launched model of B-Blowing. The machine uses the most advanced IPL […]