IPL Hair Removal: At-Home Or Professional Services?

So you have heard of IPL hair removal, and want to go for it, but are worried that your efforts might be better spent on professional services as opposed to an at-home IPL device. Well, the truth is, no one method works for everyone! Here is a breakdown of the various things to consider before making your decision.

hair removal


Results wise, professional IPL hair removal treatments give you the highest, longest-lasting hair reduction results in fewer sessions. However, home machines, particularly Titan machines, still deliver smooth results that you can maintain at home with a little effort.


For effort and convenience, this is largely subjective. You must keep your appointments at the clinic or salon, spaced apart and can be a hassle to plan your schedule around. However, once there the operative does all the hard work.  At-home you need more sessions overall, but you can do them whenever and in the privacy of your own home. You do need commitment, time, patience and concentration, and maybe a helpful assistant. 

Side Effects

As for side effects, these are rare if you choose a reputable clinic or practitioner. They must have quality machinery, excellent training and work under medical direction. You entrust them with your safety and the powerful laser / IPL technology. If you wish to perform the treatment yourself at home, choose clinically-proven home device from a trusted brand with solid customer support. They’re intuitively designed to keep you safe with safety features to protect your eyes and darker skin. Always read the user manual and do a patch test. 


Everyone’s tolerance and sensation, is different. However, a reputable practitioner ensures you’re in no pain, but a little discomfort is normal. Home-devices should never hurt if you use the right intensity for your skin tone. Your test patch is important to check your sensitivity.


Professional IPL treatments are expensive. The cost for a professional course depends on your location, treatment areas and IPL vs laser. Laser is usually the most expensive. Choosing the right clinic is more important than the cheapest price. Home machines are much more affordable (but still an investment). You can buy a home device for the same cost as 1 or 2 professional sessions. Plus, there’s no additional cost for your top-ups. You can zap new hairs as they appear.

Though this choice is difficult, it is a worthy one to make. After all, IPL devices are the new hype and for good reason, too! IPL’s benefits are only made more appealing when it meets with convenience, which is exactly what Titan’s IPL devices aim to bring you. Buy now and make the best investment for you and your skin!


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