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Does shaving pubic hair grow back?


“Does the pubic hair grow back after shaving?” is always a question that makes women feel uneasy every time they intend to remove it. The answer is yes. The hair will still grow back. Let’s find out the causes and solutions to this question with B-Blowing. What is the pubic hair? The pubic hair is […]

Hair removal and preventing dark underarms

Armpit hair is the culprit that makes many women feel itchy and uncomfortable. There are many hair removal methods available today. So, is it easy to cause dark underarms? Is there any way to prevent dark underarms? Which method of treatment causes dark underarms? As you know, there are many methods of hair removal nowadays. […]

Compare 3 current Titan hair removal machines


You may not know, B-Blowing has just launched a new product, the Titan Lotus hair removal machine. So what is the difference between the 3 current Titan hair removal machines? Let’s find out with B-Blowing. Titan Lotus Hair Removal Machine This is the newly launched model of B-Blowing. The machine uses the most advanced IPL […]

Titan Lotus hair removal machine from the UK

Titan hair removal machine

You are so familiar with our 2 products Titan Lite and Titan Premium hair removal machines. We launched a new product line Titan Lotus hair removal machine from the UK Introducing Titan Lotus at-home hair removal machine Titan Lotus is a new hair removal machine. It uses IPL technology from the United Kingdom. The machine […]

The Pros and Cons of the Most Advanced Hair Removal Technology

Not only customers using the new service need to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of each hair removal technology, but spa owners also need to understand to choose a machine using technology and hair removal machine. suitable. In this article, B-Blowing will compare the pros and cons of the 3 most advanced hair […]


Experiencing neither long nor short journey, B-Blowing has constantly developed and grown with one goal of bringing valuable and quality products to customers. Besides, we have also received a lot of constructive and constructive comments from customers to further improve on our development path. Above all, we express our grateful to our customers and on […]

Is armpit hair removal good or not?

Armpit hair causes a lot of trouble for women not only because it is unsightly but also causes extremely uncomfortable itching. Many women wonder if armpit hair should be removed? Is armpit hair removal safe? Currently, in addition to manual hair removal methods, hair removal by light technology is also the first choice. Let’s find […]