Where Should You Use Your IPL Device?

Though you may feel anxious about exposing your skin to IPL, there’s actually very little need to be. IPL is safe to use in almost every place on your body, including your face! Here are some things to take note of.

General Tips When Performing IPL

Avoid areas near your eyes for caution. This is for obvious reasons, as pointing a laser directly into your eyes could have adverse effects on your eyesight and cause serious damage! Since the skin near our eyes also tends to be quite sensitive, it is a good policy to try and avoid using the device there. If you must, ensure you wear goggles so that there is no harm caused to your corneas.


If it’s on sensitive areas of your skin, such as the areas around your eyes, your face, or any other areas of your skin that tend to be easily irritated, make sure to do a patch test. You may do this by doing a tester ‘zap’ on that area with the IPL device. Wait a while, and if your skin flares up or you experience pain, you should stop using the device.

Follow instructions closely so you choose the right setting for your skin tone. This goes without saying, but following the instructions is very important as this is a high-capacity device. Give the manual a thorough read before proceeding with the treatment. An additional benefit would be asking a loved one to help you navigate tricky areas you may not be able to IPL. Thanks to convenient at-home IPL design of Titan devices, this will be rare.

Keeping in mind these simple pointers, you can make the best of your IPL experience! Get your own Titan device now.


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