Is IPL Hair Removal Permanent? Here are some tips

This is a common question, and the simple answer to this is ‘no’. However, this is not as simple to answer as you may think, as there are various factors which may affect the results. But you can ensure that you take into account some factors that will help elongate the effects of IPL on your skin! Read on for some pointers.

Girl using Titan Premium, our beloved IPL device
Easy use of our Titan Premium

IPL is only effective when hair is in the initial stages of growth. This is also when only a percentage of hair all over the body is actively growing at any one time. In addition the hair life cycles vary in length depending on the area of the body. These can also be also genetically determined, so vary from one individual to the next. Hence, it is at this stage, usually 2-3 days before treatment, that you should shave. 

You may conclude that IPL is effective at reducing hair re-growth (up to 80% reduction), but it will take time and multiple sessions to achieve the desired results.

Generally, as a guide only, you are likely to need 6 – 8 sessions initially (depending on the area being treated) with annual follow-ups.

Lacking complete permanency like other hair removal forms such as laser and electrolysis, this may cause some to turn away from IPL. However, we see this as a good thing. This is because IPL gives you flexibility to decide which parts of your body you want to continue growing hair. Just in case you change your mind!

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