IPL Devices: Dispelling Taboo Around Hair Removal

IPL devices

In the last 30 years, a clean-shaven body has become an important feature of beauty. Moreover, over 99% women in Western culture participate in hair removal. We are all familiar with the image of a smooth, bald, female body. However, have you ever considered why this is so?

This trend for bare bodies positively correlates with fashion’s tendency to show more skin. Many associate armpit hair with sweat and pubic hair with excretion and urination, this creates a sense of repulsion. Hence, this makes hair seem ‘dirty’ and increases our desire to remove it. Moreover, body hair is linked to our ape ancestry and hair removal can create a boundary between us and animals, which makes us seem more sophisticated and evolved.

IPL devices

However, this does not explain why the same people do not subject men to these beauty standards. Although male grooming is gaining more prominence in society, people still don’t frown upon men for displaying hair in the way women do.

This points to a general trend of misogynistic taboo placed around hair removal when it is actually natural – everyone has body hair and this is for good reason to! Body hair allows us to adapt to changing atmospheres. They have also served other purposes which may not be as important to us today in the modern world.

Our IPL hair removal devices aim to erase the taboo around hair removal. This is done by making it accessible to everyone. We also reframe hair removal in a way that focuses not on the ‘removal’. Instead, we want to make it a customisable experience for all users. Whether you want to slow down hair growth, improve texture of your hair, or reap skincare benefits, our IPL devices are for you!

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