IPL Machine: Titan Lite Vs. Premium, Which Is For You?

Do you want to buy an IPL machine from B-Blowing, but not sure which one to get? This guide is for you! Both the Titan Premium and Lite are designed in Singapore and incorporate advanced IPL technology to give you the best IPL experience possible. However, there are some differences in the products that can help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Pick the right B-Blowing IPL Machine for yourself today!
Pick the right B-Blowing IPL Machine for yourself today!

Firstly, the Titan Lite only has five intensity settings. In simple terms, intensity settings are indicators of how intense the flash of light emitted from the machine will be. For more sensitive areas, we recommend you use less intense pulses. For areas with more rough-textured hair, higher intensities will be more effective. Titan Premium on the other hand has 8 intensity settings. This means that it will cater to a broader range of skin types. This might not be so much of a difference, but if you have a darker skin tone or tan easily, it is better for you to have Premium as it will give you more options!

Secondly, the Titan lite has a range of 300, 000 pulses, whereas Titan Premium has unlimited pulses. This is a measure of how many pulses can be emitted from the IPL machine before it ‘runs out’. It differs across both machines as the light used differ in production. If you plan on using the IPL machine for larger areas and regularly, then running out of pulses may be an issue for you. In this case, you should consider Titan Premium instead.

Lastly, the Titan Premium device comes with a special skin rejuvenation mode, made exclusively for this product. This special feature allows you to block off sun damage. You can also treat a range of skin issues such as rosacea and hyperpigmentation through this feature. Since this is a feature exclusive to Titan Premium, if you do wish to reap these extra benefits, do spring for the premium! Your skin will thank you.

Despite both these differences, both the Premium and Lite devices are among the best IPL devices on the market! Depending on your budget and needs, both are great options. Hopefully this has been a good guide to help you make that purchase! Get your own from B-Blowing today.


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