Hair removal and preventing dark underarms

Armpit hair is the culprit that makes many women feel itchy and uncomfortable. There are many hair removal methods available today. So, is it easy to cause dark underarms? Is there any way to prevent dark underarms?

Which method of treatment causes dark underarms?

As you know, there are many methods of hair removal nowadays. Among them are popular ways such as shaving, plucking, waxing, hair removal cream, hair removal machine. However, not necessarily common means that the method is good for you.

Of the methods mentioned above, the easiest way to remove underarm hair that causes darkening is shaving and plucking. Using a razor or tweezer to clean the armpit hair regularly but incorrectly can cause an increase in the size of your pores and darker hair regrowth. In addition, it can also cause skin damage, scratches by knives or tweezers, and over time, darkening of the skin.

Another method to mention is to use a laser to eliminate. The essence of the laser is to weaken the hair follicle with intense light. This not only fades the hair but also can partially weaken the skin. After laser removal, if not shielded from ultraviolet rays, direct sunlight exposure will make the underarms darker and darker.

The solution to the problem of dark underarms

To minimize dark underarms, you need to remember carefully:

Regular exfoliation helps to clean the skin. Therefore, avoiding dead cells from accumulating in a thick layer on the surface of the skin, which makes clogged pores, dark skin, and less smooth.

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Do not shave/spit at home. In addition to these two methods, there are still many other methods for you to remove without causing dark underarms. You can use wax, hair removal cream, and the most modern is to use a personal hair removal machine at home.

If you use a hair removal machine, after the treatment, you should also avoid direct sunlight. Regardless of whether or not it is best to go out, you should still wear sunscreen to protect yourself.

Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. Because often wearing it for a long time will cause strong friction on the skin surface. From there, making the skin weak, damaged, creating conditions for bacteria to penetrate and eventually change color. During the treatment days, you should wear thin, light, loose clothes that absorb sweat well.

In short, armpit hair removal is dark or not depending on how you remove it. No method is perfect and your job is to take good care of your skin after the treatment.

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