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How To Choose The Right IPL Device For Your Needs

With all the at-home IPL devices available on the market, you are maybe wondering, how to choose the right IPL hair removal device for you? And what are the criteria to consider before buying it? This article compiles a few factors to consider to help you buy the most suitable IPL device for your needs. […]

Where Should You Use Your IPL Device?

Though you may feel anxious about exposing your skin to IPL, there’s actually very little need to be. IPL is safe to use in almost every place on your body, including your face! Here are some things to take note of. General Tips When Performing IPL Avoid areas near your eyes for caution. This is […]

7.7 IPL Hair Removal Device Giveaway!

Distributors of top-notch IPL Hair Removal devices, B-Blowing Global consistently brings you the best deals, to ensure that all our customers, regardless of their budgets, are able to purchase our products through one of our generous offers. This 7.7 Giveaway, we will be giving away three prizes for you to win exclusive offers in order […]