1. Warranty Registration
  2. Warranty Terms & Conditions
    1. Terms & Conditions
    2. Disclaimer of Warranty
    3. Warranty Period
    4. Product Authenticity Check
  3. Warranty Method
    1. Place
    2. Time
  4. Warranty Categories
  5. Warranty Expenses
  6. Process

1. Register Warranty

List of products will be under our warranty policy:

  • Titan Hair Removal Device is exclusively distributed by B-Blowing with 1-year warranty (validate from the date of purchase).

2. Warranty Terms & Conditions

2.1. Terms and Conditions

  • The product is damaged due to the technical fault of the manufacturer.
  • Valid Warranty Period. 
  • Product information matches the date stored in the company warranty system. 

2.2. Disclaimer of warranty

  • Product was not purchased from B-Blowing, and hence is an unauthentic product.
  • Hand-carried products
  • The product does not meet one of the warranty terms & conditions mentioned in section 2.1
  • Technical difficulties are due to improper following or misunderstanding of the manual 
  • Product is damaged by natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning strikes, insects and animals.
  • The product has been placed in a dirty and wet place, or is soaked with water. 
  • The product is deformed by thermal and external impact. 
  • The product has mold stains, rust or is corroded, oxidized by chemicals.
  • The product is damaged because of not using the right voltage. 
  • Customers cause defects such as deformations, cracks, scratches.
  • Customers install, maintain and do not follow the manual to use the device which damages product. 
  • Customers interfere in product repair or repair at unauthorized warranty centers.

2.3. Warranty Period

  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Exchange 1-to-1 within 24h after delivery for the product with problems in the first use. 
  • In case the problem occurs after 24h from the date of delivery, the product will be covered under general warranty policy. 

2.4. Product Authenticity Check

For all orders from B-Blowing, customers will receive an automatic order confirmation email from B-Blowing.


3. Warranty Method

3.1. Place

  • Please contact B-Blowing Service Center directly for support and advice.
  • Customer Service Center will will support customers with warranty methods and send the product to the Warranty Center.

3.2. Time

For all cases, the product warranty period depends on the Warranty Center’s policy and/ or the availability of replacement equipment/ products. You will be be notified when the decision from the Techinical Support Department has been made. 

The average warranty time is 30 working days from the date Warranty Center receives the product.


4. Warranty Categories

  • Device does not work
  • Device automatically turns off when in use
  • Device cannot shoot rays
  • Device is missing some components


5. Warranty Expenses

  • Within 24h from the time when the product is delivered to the customer, the company will pay for all the costs including shipping fee, costs of repair or renewal. 
  • After 24h from the time customer receives the product, customers need to pay for shipping fee to deliver the product to Warranty Center. 
    • If the error is caused by the manufacturer, we will exchange the new device and pay for the shipping fee. 
    • If the device has problem because of the user, customers pay for the shipping fee. 


6. Process

Below is the detailed warranty process. 

When the product has problems: 

Step 1: Please read Guide & Troubleshooting in order to check whether your device has problem.

If the problem with the device cannot be resolved, do step 2. 

Step 2: Contact B-Blowing Customer Service Center 

If the problem is still not dealt with, follow step 3. 

Step 3: B-Blowing Customer Service will collect your product information. You need to provide all the required information to facilitate the warranty process. 

Step 4: After receiving the product information, Customer Service will check your information. If the information matches the data stored in our system, Customer Service will send the request to DHL to pick the product up. 

*NOTE: You have to send the product with full box and the Warranty Card (in the manual)

  • Customers pay shipping fee if the product is damaged
  • Customers pay shipping fee and processing fee for shipping if the product is not defective

Step 5: The Techinical Support Department will receive the product and start to check the device. 

Step 6: Detailed Information related to your product warranty will be updated to you via email within 5 working days.  


In any cases, Vatitan will not be responsible for any damages or losses that occur because you do not follow the instructions from Vatitan and B-Blowing.