Acne skin should remove facial hair or not?

Hair removal is being concerned by women, especially sensitive skin areas such as the face. There are girls who are favored by their skin to support the process of “cleaning the grass”, there are also people who have a headache because their skin is “messed up” with their acne. Let’s find out how to remove facial hair for acne skin with B-Blowing!

Should acne skin remove facial hair?

The nature of acne skin is that the skin is damaged and contains bacteria. Especially when you have acne-prone skin, along with severe inflammation. The force of impact from razors, tweezers, recoil of waxing or laser from facial hair removal will make acne prone skin vulnerable. This stimulates acne to grow more, severe acne, much more difficult to treat.

So for the question “Should acne skin remove facial hair or not?”, the answer is No!

Facial hair removal measures on acne skin can cause the acne nucleus to burst, allowing bacteria to spread. It is best, before removing, wait for the acne to dry and then treat all the acne under the skin. Women should also clean their skin and nourish it healthy from the inside for better hair removal.

In addition, you should not remove facial hair if you are experiencing the following conditions:

  • Skin is acne, inflammation
  • Have a skin disease, have an open wound, have a skin burn
  • Be taking photosensitizing drugs
  • Pregnant women
  • There are birthmarks and large moles on the face

Because if not careful, it can lead to complications of scratched skin, pimples, skin abrasions, sensitivity, large pores, easily darkened skin, easy to catch sunlight, blackheads, premature aging.

What should you do?

Permanent facial hair removal will help you remove micro-fibers, easily make up, limit the risk of acne, for a smooth, white and pink face. Let’s take a look at some safe methods to remove facial hair for acne skin with B-Blowing!

  • It is best to treat all the acne kernels underneath the skin, kill all the bacteria to dry the acne. Then, remove the acne from the surface of the skin, unclog pores.
  • You should also take care and nourish for healthy skin from within. Then, apply facial hair removal methods to ensure safety for the skin.
  • Acne treatment should go to reputable dermatology centers to be examined and consulted by a doctor. From there, give the appropriate and effective method, shorten the time, good for the skin.

With the above information, I hope you can answer the question of whether acne skin should remove facial hair. Good luck and have a healthy and beautiful skin!

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