Top 5 foods to rejuvenate your skin


Besides applying modern technologies our diet also affects our skin. If you eat scientifically and in moderation, your skin will be radiant. However, if you have an unbalanced diet, your skin will easily degrade. So which foods help you to rejuvenate your skin? Today, B-Blowing will share with everyone.


Turmeric seems to be an indispensable ingredient in my kitchen. Not only do the dishes have beautiful colors and flavors. The composition of turmeric contains a lot of nutrients against chronic diseases, supporting the functioning of the body. Especially, turmeric contains curcumin. It helps to prevent the aging process of the body.


Avocado is a very familiar food in salads or your diet. Because butter contains a lot of fatty acids. These acids are anti-inflammatory and help strengthen the immune system. Therefore, if you use this fruit regularly, your skin will always be smooth and bright.

Sweet Potato

This type of food is easy to buy at markets and supermarkets. This tuber contains a lot of vitamin A, which helps restore damaged collagen and prevent wrinkles on the skin. From there, your skin will maintain its plumpness for longer.



You may not know, almost all mammals can naturally produce vitamin C. But people after millions of years of evolution have lost this ability. Therefore, vitamin C can be supplemented through diet and cosmetics. It’s not when people don’t add so much vitamin C to the body. Besides being good for the body, vitamin C is also a food that helps smooth skin and fewer wrinkles. And lemon is a very inexpensive food but is very rich in vitamin C.


Pineapple is also a food that helps you have youthful skin. Because pineapple contains a lot of manganese – a mineral needed to activate the enzyme prolidase. Prolidase will provide the amino acid proline that forms collagen in the body. From there, it is possible to increase skin elasticity, help your skin always be radiant, and keep youthful features.

Above are some foods that help you to rejuvenate your skin. In addition to maintaining a reasonable diet, you should also use more advanced technologies in skin rejuvenation today. Because you have reached the age, the guaranteed diet can not hold back the ravages of time. B-Blowing will provide you with an enhanced lifting solution. It’s the Tripollar Stop Vx rejuvenation machine.

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