What’s new in Titan Gold hair removal machine

This November, B-Blowing has launched a new product, the Titan Gold hair removal machine. Although it has just appeared, it has already topped the table in terms of high-end. So what’s so hot about this machine that makes it so stormy? B-Blowing will answer for you.

What is Titan Gold at-home hair removal machine?

Titan Gold is a hair removal machine with IPL technology from Singapore. The device has an elongated design that is easy to hold during the removal process. Especially, with five heat levels from gentle to strong that can be adjusted to suit each area. Titan Gold can treat hands, feet, armpits, face, and even sensitive areas like the bikini. With a course of 6-8 weeks, you can see the effect as your hair grows back much weaker and thinner than before.

In addition, the machine can also automatically turn off after 10 minutes of non-use, helping us save more electricity.

titan gold

What’s outstanding about Titan Gold?

Besides the features like the hair removal machines of B-Blowing, Titan Gold has a distinct advantage. It is the device that is equipped with 2 included shooting heads that allow the removal of separate areas of the body.

The large shot head will be used for the arms or legs, large areas.

The smaller nozzle will be for small and sensitive areas such as the upper lip, bikini area, or armpit.

When you apply the small tip to you, you will not feel any burning or stinging sensation at all. It is a huge plus. And this tip is created for women who want to remove the bikini area but are still afraid to sting.

Where to buy genuine Titan Gold machine

Currently, B-Blowing is exclusively distributing Titan at-home hair removal equipment on the Vietnamese market. You can buy through B-Blowing’s website, Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, and Fanpage.

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