Does shaving pubic hair grow back?


“Does the pubic hair grow back after shaving?” is always a question that makes women feel uneasy every time they intend to remove it. The answer is yes. The hair will still grow back. Let’s find out the causes and solutions to this question with B-Blowing.

What is the pubic hair?

The pubic hair is usually short and curly. The length is about 4-6cm. Coat color depends on the location of each person and is often similar to the hair color.

Vaginal hair consists of 3 parts: in the dermis, on the epidermis, and another part that grows through the epidermis. In it, the hair part located in the dermis will have hair follicles. It is also the factor that causes hair to regrow.

Does shaving pubic hair grow back?

Maybe you shave for many reasons. Some of the typical reasons include:

  • Give a clean, comfortable, airy feeling to the intimate area.
  • Create a feel of sublimation when in love.
  • Limit some diseases in the private area such as sebaceous gland inflammation,
  • Avoid diseases caused by parasites and bacteria such as pubic lice, flagella, etc.
  • Boost your self-beauty.

However, many people still hesitate when they do not know whether their hair will grow back after shaving. Is it thicker and denser?

pubic hair

The answer is YES. Because such shaving only affects the ends, not the root of the hair. It only takes a few days for the hair to grow back as usual. If you do not know how to shave correctly, it is easy to make hair grow thicker, harder, and denser than before.

Solution to remove pubic hair

Another solution that many people recommend is hair removal with modern technology. However, this technology was previously only available in spas. And going to the spa to remove the bikini area makes many women shy. Therefore, shaving at home is still applied by many people.

But that was only in the past because now there is an alternative solution for the whole spa. It is the Titan at-home hair removal machine. The Titan machine applies modern IPL technology that can help you safely and effectively remove pubic hair. If you have used it for a long time, your hair will become weaker and thinner than before.

If you need any advice, please contact with B-Blowing!!

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