Is it a good idea to wax your armpits

wax your armpits

The underarm hair is always the heartache of women. So you always want to remove the hair in that area. Among the current methods of hair removal, waxing is the most popular method. But is armpit wax good for hair removal? To know the exact answer, please read the article below.

What is armpit wax?

Hair waxing is also known as waxing. This method originated in Brazil. To conduct hair removal, you only need a professional wax patch combined with specialized hair removal wax. Very simple!! That is also the reason why this method is loved by many people. And you can use it for many other parts of the body, not just the armpit area.

Is it a good idea to wax your armpits?

It can be seen that this method is much superior to other traditional hair removal methods such as plucking or shaving. Waxing hair is very quick, simple, fast hair loss. However, each method has disadvantages. And the wax is no exception.

Painful and easy to get infected

When using a wax pad to remove hairs, you have to use a strong force to pull it out for the new hairs to follow. Therefore, the hair follicles to be strongly impacted, plus the skin under the arms is quite sensitive. So pain and discomfort are inevitable. Worse, using too much force can cause blood in the pores. Without proper care, it can lead to infection and serious skin damage.

Easily irritated for sensitive skin

In wax contains a number of chemicals specialized for hair removal. Women who have sensitive skin are very susceptible to irritation, allergies, redness, and inflammation when using it.

Can’t remove the hair root

This method only has a temporary effect at the time of waxing because it cannot remove the root of the hair follicle. After a period of time, armpit hair will continue to grow back as usual. In addition, after each waxing, if you don’t take good care of it, the hair will grow back very rough and hard. Even the skin under the arms will become dark, dull, and damaged.

So this is only a temporary method and has many disadvantages. You need a better option for the underarm skin.

Alternatives to wax your armpits

Currently, hair removal with technology is no longer a novelty. And this method has been popular in the past 2 years when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out. Current home hair removal machines applying IPL technology will bring fast, long-lasting, and extremely safe results.

wax your armpits

Using a hair removal machine can burn the hair roots, which in the long run can make the hair weak and gradually fall out. After 6-8 weeks of removal, hair grows back thinner and thinner. This IPL technology has been applied in clinical medicine so it is very safe to use.

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