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Titan Cool Fresh 3in1 high-end hair removal machine


Christmas 2021 is the time when B-Blowing launches new products. It is the high-end 3in1 Titan Cool Fresh hair removal machine. Why call 3in1? Let’s learn more about this machine with B-Blowing! Titan Cool Fresh 3in1 hair removal machine This is a line of home hair removal machines applying modern IPL technology from Singapore. You […]

What’s new in Titan Gold hair removal machine

This November, B-Blowing has launched a new product, the Titan Gold hair removal machine. Although it has just appeared, it has already topped the table in terms of high-end. So what’s so hot about this machine that makes it so stormy? B-Blowing will answer for you. What is Titan Gold at-home hair removal machine? Titan […]