International Customer’s Guide To Order Tracking

Once your order has been confirmed, each order will have two tracking codes that are explained below:

  1. First is the Qxpress tracking code.This can be used to track your package on Qxpress’s system at the following link:

Step1: Customers may enter their tracking code in the tracking number search bar shown below.

For example, if  your tracking code is C3922805SGJP:

Step 2: Upon entering this tracking number, customers should click on ‘search’ to be able to see where their packages are and how long they will take to arrive.

  1. Each parcel will have an additional tracking code to track the shipping of the order. There are two ways to track this package:
    1.  If you are using DHL’s delivery services, you may track your package through the DHL website:

Similar to Qxpress, they may track their packages by entering their tracking number into the search bar function. Clicking the ‘>’ arrow key will reveal where their packages are and how long they will take to arrive.

For example, if  your tracking code is eg: LP903862211SG:

  1. If your order is shipped by Singpost, you may track it on the Singapore post page: The same steps may be followed for Singpost, wherein a tracking number can be entered into the search function and the ‘Check Item Status’ button should be clicked.
  1. If your order is shipped by alternative delivery services, you may similarly track your package on the post page of the destination country, e.g. for Japan, Japan post, for Korea, Korea post, for Russia,  Russia post, so on and so forth. This will also follow the same process, wherein customers may visit their websites and search for the track function, which will tell them where their packages are once the tracking code is entered.

To obtain your Order tracking link, you may contact the B-Blowing fanpage on Facebook, at this link:

For queries relating to order tracking, please contact the shipping company delivering your order for more information. These are some contacts to take note of:

Please note that in special cases, such as in the event of natural disasters, political unrest, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, orders may be delivered later than expected.


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