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Hair Removal Is For Men, Too: Using IPL

Unwanted body hair is a problem that plagues everyone. Hence, it is no surprise that men are also turning to IPL Hair Removal treatments. Permanent Hair Removal is ideal for men as it works equally well across the entire body and has long-lasting results. From a few unwanted tufts to full back, chest or stomach, IPL […]

IPL Hair Removal: At-Home Or Professional Services?

So you have heard of IPL hair removal, and want to go for it, but are worried that your efforts might be better spent on professional services as opposed to an at-home IPL device. Well, the truth is, no one method works for everyone! Here is a breakdown of the various things to consider before […]

Types of Hair Removal

There are many different types of hair removal that one can consider. These types include depilatory creams, sugaring, IPL, and electrolysis, which are less common compared to waxing and shaving. Considering how long-lasting the results from these forms of hair removal are is an important factor in choosing the method best for you. Firstly, depilatory […]

IPL Hair Removal Treatment and Its History

IPL hair removal treatments are becoming increasingly popular for use in medical and cosmetic procedures. These include acne, varicose veins, and tattoo removal. Treatments utilising light are also becoming common for treating psoriasis, seasonal affective disorder, and so on. Hair removal or reduction is just one of many uses of lasers.  When scientists and doctors […]