Is armpit hair removal good or not?

Armpit hair causes a lot of trouble for women not only because it is unsightly but also causes extremely uncomfortable itching. Many women wonder if armpit hair should be removed? Is armpit hair removal safe? Currently, in addition to manual hair removal methods, hair removal by light technology is also the first choice. Let’s find out with B-Blowing!

Should armpit hair removal?

Although many people do not like armpit hair, especially women. But armpit hair still holds an important function of excreting sweat and eliminating sebum. In particular, axillary sweat glands, also known as oil glands, have the ability to attract sex. This is most evident in men and can explain the fact that men rarely remove armpit hair.

But for women, thick underarm hair is their weak point. It is not only uncomfortable, itchy, but also unsightly. Hair in the skin under the arms prevents women from wearing hot bikinis or two-piece outfits. Not only stopping there, the underarm skin in women when they have hair is often dark, creating body odors that easily affect the relationships around.

Armpit hair in women does not make life better, but also affects mental health. Although armpit hair also plays a role in the body. But so far, there has been no research that proves that armpit hair removal has a negative effect on the body.

Moreover, when asked “Should I remove armpit hair”, most dermatologists always encourage women to remove armpit hair to increase confidence and be more comfortable in life. Because hair removal does not affect health.

Is permanent armpit hair removal good? Is there any harm?

Currently there are many methods of hair removal such as waxing, plucking or shaving. But most of these methods are unsafe and potentially dangerous for the skin. In the long run, it will create conditions for bacteria to penetrate, large pores, rough skin, dark black.

It is because of these dangers that many technologies can remove hair at the root of all areas, including underarms such as IPL, Laser, Elight technology.

Most of these technologies use biological light, high frequency wavelengths, etc. From there, they affect the hair follicles, breaking down the hair root structure, causing weakness, causing them to break and fall off on their own.

Especially thanks to the development of technology today, these methods do not affect the body. Because the hair removal machine only works precisely at the root of the hair follicle. Light penetrates deep into the dermis, not deeper into the skin, so it does not cause skin irritation and burns. Is armpit hair removal good, safe or not will depend on the address and implementation technology

Therefore, it can be confirmed that permanent armpit hair removal is good, not harmful to skin and health. It is important that you choose a safe and effective hair removal method. If you use a spa treatment (most will be Laser), you should choose a reputable place with good feedback. If you like the convenience of at-home hair removal (IPL), you should choose a reputable brand to ensure the best for your hair removal process.

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