How To Choose The Right IPL Device For Your Needs – Part 2

With all the at-home IPL devices available on the market, you are maybe wondering, how to choose the right IPL hair removal device for you? And what are the criteria to consider before buying it? This article compiles a few additional factors to consider to help you buy the most suitable IPL device for your needs. Refer to the first part of this series for more factors!

Energy per Flash

The energy per flash of pulsed light epilators is expressed in “Joules”, it varies between 3 to 9 joules per cm². To choose the right energy for you, you need to identify your skin type.If your skin is thin and sensitive, we recommend devices with lower power, i.e. between 3 and 6 joules per cm². If, on the other hand, your skin is hard enough and can withstand more intense light energy, choose a more powerful IPL device.

The number of light pulses

The number of light pulses determines the lifespan of the device. It can range from 50,000 to 450,000 flashes. Be aware that the more flashes the device has, the higher the price will be. So which of these pulsed light epilators to choose? It depends on your budget, but it is more profitable to invest in a device that has a maximum number of light pulses to ensure that it will serve you for several years.

How long does the device run

You will find some devices that will need you to put them off after around 4 to 6 hours of usage to allow them to cool down. This is called restriction, and the best IPL device should not have that. Get a device that you can only put off when you need to. One that can be able to work for more than 8 hours will be a better choice.

Since this is a device that can have an immense impact on your skin and hair health, it is vital to do some research so you purchase the IPL device most suited to your needs. B-Blowing’s Titan Premium is perfect on all these accounts!


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