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B-Blowing is finally on TikTok, the most up and coming social media, so that you can access the best IPL tips. We have exciting new videos every Monday and Thursday, and will load you with information on our IPL devices along with tips and tricks on how to use them!

On #hairremovaltok, we have exciting new content and will be sure to entertain you. IPL hair removal may seem like a novel, difficult idea, our TikTok are here to show that this sense of inaccessibility could not be further than the truth. While IPL is a new technology, it is super accessible to anyone who wants to use it!

This is especially the case with B-Blowing’s premium IPL devices. Our devices are extremely easy to use, coming with their own extensive manuals and accessories that will support your IPL journey so well. Our TikTok videos feature our Titan Lite and Premium devices, where we give you more information about the products, but also reviews, tips, and answer any questions you may have about IPL!

If you’ve enjoyed our content on Facebook and Instagram so far, this is for you! Tune in every week and follow our TikTok here.


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