IPL Technology: Body Hair, Shame, and Empowerment

Issues around body hair – and whether or not to ditch it – date all the way back to the Stone Age. Cavemen shaved off their hair with whittled stones as a survival tactic to avoid being grabbed by it during fights. Often, people see hair removal as a form of cleansing and sanitisation. This started when the Ancient Egyptians who invented sugaring (a waxing technique still used today) to depilate their skin. Then, people considered hair dirty and uncivilised.

IPL technology is for everyone!

In this day and age, we know better! Hence the revulsion that people feel over women’s body hair: that it’s dirty, smelly, or unattractive, is not objective! How can it be? It’s the same stuff that men have, but women often grow up being told ours is undesirable.

Regardless of this objective truth, some women admit feeling like ‘bad feminists’ when they continue shaving their hair. However, the debate has never been about, and should not be, about whether or not one way of treating body hair is the ‘right way’. Instead, it is about freedom of choice! If women feel more comfortable and secure removing their hair – they should do so.

IPL technology gives women the option of maintaining their body hair without having to completely remove it. B-Blowing’s IPL devices allow you to remove whichever part of your body you like, and improve texture of your hair. This is non-permanent, and will also help to replenish your skin. Regardless of where you fall in this debate about hair removal and choice, IPL technology will be a good fit for you. There is IPL for men, too!

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